The Inspiration behind Yoga Inbody 

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Meet Jon and Elizabeth - Founders and Owners of Yoga Inbody
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Jon and Elizabeth are college sweethearts who built their relationship by rafting rivers and adventuring around the world. The seed of Yoga Inbody was planted from their love of rivers.  Their first river love was the Cache La Poudre River in Colorado.  
Their love for rivers and playing outdoors landed them in Idaho's Whitewater Capital, Riggins. They then began their multiday guiding career with Brenda and Jess Baugh, owners of Mountain River Outfitters.
At a young age they decided that time was more valuable than money and have since spent their time wisely.  Living out of a truck, camper, raft and backpack Jon and Elizabeth have explored 5 countries, 15,000 river miles, and countless mountain trails.  They thrive off of learning new things and spreading positive energy like wildfire.
Although they love to travel, the Salmon River holds their heart and always draws them home. They created Yoga Inbody to share the the energy of their home and protect their vision of living a simple, healthy and happy life in the heart of Idaho's backcountry.  They invite you to unplug from life's stress and visit them at the Ram House.  Namaste.
​Yoga Time on the River

Elizabeth Price E RYT-200

Certified Yoga Instructor - Reiki Master- Professional Guide

Elizabeth's positive energy and zest for life is contagious.  Her passion for training and healing the human body began with a degree from Colorado State University in Health and Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. Her path evolved into a more profound career during her first teacher training in Peru.  Chaitanya Nitai Das , founder of Yoga Inbound in Cusco, Peru is Elizabeth's guru and primary teacher.
Elizabeth is a guide.  She chose the untraditional path of living in the back of a truck, saving her pennies and following her heart because she loved her guiding lifestlye and connecting to the rythm of Mother Earth. She believes a simple life nourishes the soul and promotes health and balance. 
 Elizabeth built a life based on frequent and numerous transitions with her fiance, Jon Kittell. They adventured together all over the world but always returned home to Riggins, Idaho and the Salmon River. Elizabeth worked as a multi-day river guide and trip leader for Mountain River Outfitters  where she discovered her love for wilderness yoga retreats.  She believes river trips and wilderness areas naturally strip people from their ego and return them to center. This process is enhanced by yoga.
"The world needs a pure place where people can connect to mother nature and fall into their own perfectly unique state of balance," Elizabeth proclaims. "One of my favorite moments in my 13,000 river miles was leading a meditation to 13 strangers on the top of Sucide Point in Hells Canyon. Each person was walking a different path in life, but for a few moments we were one." 
Elizabeth's yoga classes connect students to their personal energy and help discover the energy of the universe. She teaches students how to connect to the rhythms of their body with a slow and powerful alignment based flow. Her yoga classes have strong themes and are accented with fun partner poses including a little ACRO Yoga.  "Creating Space" is a major theme of her teachings and life.  
When Elizabeth isn't on the river, she is teaching at Yoga in the Canyon in Riggins, Idaho or with Yoga Inbound in Cusco, Peru. Her and Jon use yoga to elevate their lives and spread happiness through every community they touch. She loves the opportunity to teach to new students and hopes to see you soon. Namaste. 

Meet Our Hosts 

     Everybody deserves to be pampered and pampering is what Yoga Inbody's  hosts specialize in. Our hosts take care of all the custom details for your retreat. Each menu is specifically designed towards your dietary needs and desires.  Yoga Inbody prides itself in using orgainc and home grown produce to create each gourment meal. We believe food is not only energy but a medium for creativity and love.
Meet Jon Kittell 
Jon is Elizabeth's fiance and soul mate.  He is one of the most professional and sought after river guides in the state of Idaho and is also a Trekking Leader in Nepal. Jon's easy going personality and kind heart uplift everbody around him.  He is not only known for cooking amazing Idaho potatoes, but also for the stories he shares about the history and ecology of the Salmon River Canyon. Jon guides on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the summer and is a Steelhead fishing guide outside of Riggins in the fall.  
When Jon is not on the river, he is supporting Elizabeth by hosting yoga retreats.   Jon is an elite boater and is leading the SUP board revolution in Idaho.  He is currently planning a self-support SUP board trip down the eniter 420 miles of the Salmon river for Elizabeth and his honeymoon.
Meet Barb Kittell
Barb is a scientist at heart who found yoga through her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.  She shines in the kitchen with her amazing vegetarian meals.  Her passion is making healthy food that tastes amazing and is simple enough for you to be able to re-create it at home.  On retreats her creative menu is raved about. She not only will keep your digestive track full and happy, she will also light up your heart.  Barb is skilled at cooking for any dietary needs.  We are so lucky to have her.