Yoga Retreats for Beginners

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​Yoga is a frequently used word in our society but how do you know what type of yoga is best for you?  Yoga Inbody believes the ideal way to accept the practice of yoga into your life is to find a teacher to connect with. The relationship between teacher and student is the essence of yoga, especially when compared to other physical activities. In today's extensive yoga market, it is a challenge to create a quality relationship with a yoga teacher.
Elizabeth, founder of Yoga Inbody, created the Ram House retreat center as a soulution to this problem. Yoga Inbody retreats are about developing quality relationship with not only your body but with a caring teacher.  Yoga is a lifelong tool and starting the journey with a uplifiting guide makes a big difference. 

The second reason Yoga Inbody retreats are perfect for begining a yoga practice is that you have time and space to create a lasting positive change.  Our motto is that you have to create space to center and in Idaho's wilderness you have lots of space.  Since our retreats are multiple days, you will move through limitations that might take you years if you are practice yoga one a week at a gym.  

We understand how intimidating it can be to attend a yoga class, let alone a retreat. We have heard all of the excuses and have helped students move beyond them. We gaurentee that this experience would be life changing and a step in the right direction. Elizabeth will help you create a susutaniable yoga practice but more importantly reconnect you to your uniquely divine center.  Please call Elizabeth if this excites you! 
Meet Elizabeth

Yoga Inbody Retreats are for Everybody

Yoga aligns your mind, body and heart so you maintain health and age gracefully

Yoga Creates Space in Your Life for Transformation

Yoga is Pure Presence

Yoga Reveals Your 
Inner Beauty

"Elizabeth, you have a wise old heart.  Thank you for sharing with us." 
                                                                          - Beth Miliam   

Hear it from our guests... 

"Wonderful yoga practice linked to the rhythm of the river. Beautiful yogic space high above the rushing water. Elizabeth is a warm, bubbly, inclusive instructor who links the perfect asana to the outdoor space and  to the muscle demands of river rowing."
                                                                        - Kath Olsen, 62.

"What a wonderful experience, I would repeat it in a heartbeat."  
                                                                       - Sasha Nichols