Meet the Ram House Lodge on Mackay Bar

 South Fork of the Salmon River Confluence 
 Ram House Playground 
 Main Salmon River 
 Trail #108 
 Mackay Bar Air Strip 
 The Ram House 
Save Your Space
Yoga retreats at the Ram House on Mackay Bar are exclusive. It is very important to book early to reserve the room of your choice. Every room in the Ram House carries a different energy. We suggest choosing a room that will serve your intention, for example solitude, socilization or grandeur.  All meals are mindfully prepared by our host and enjoyed as a group. Yoga Inbody specializes in gourmet vegetarian food that accomodates all dietary needs.  Food is the energy that fuels our body so we prepare our meals with love that expand into positive energy.  We gaurentee that you will return from this vacation fullfilled with happiness, inspiration and new tools to shine your inner light. 

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Wrap Around Yoga Deck
3 Fireplaces 
4 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
Meditation Loft
White Sand Beach
43 Acre Playground
Meditation Rocks
National Forest Trail Access
Cell Phone Free Retreats
Small Group Sizes
Jet Boat Tour Adventure
Alignment Based Yoga 

The Ram house is a located on Mackay Bar above the South Fork of the Salmon River confluence.  It is 23 miles upriver from the end of the river road (Vinegar Creek boat ramp) outside of Riggins.  Yoga Inbody retreats start with an hour long jet boat ride to the Ram house with a commercial jet boat outfitter. The Ram House is on 43 acres of private property and holds the historic gravesite of homesteader John Mackay.  Our property abuts the largest wilderness complex in the lower 48 and overlooks the Salmon River.  Our retreats at the Ram House are unique because of their location. They are in the heart of a sacred space that is cleansed and controlled by mother nature. 
All Yoga Inbody retreats are cell phone free. Liberating yourself from this attachment creates an internal shift in your body that opens you to the higher energy of the canyon. The Ram House retreat center has a "Device Basket" for safekeeping of your electronics in case you don't want to leave them in your car.  

Choose Your Room
Rooms are first come first serve.  Our retreats max at 10 people so make sure to reserve your spot today. 

Peaceful Room

Bunk Room

Grand Room

Vista Room 

Sleeps  1 - 2 people 
1 Queen Bed
Private Bathroom 
Sliding Glass door to deck

Sleeps  2 - 3 people 
1 Queen Bed
1 Twin Bed
Private Bathroom 
Scenic View 

Sleeps 1 - 2 People
2 Twin Beds
Private Bathroom 
Scenic View 

Sleeps 1-5  People
1 Double Bunk Bed
3 Twin Beds
Shared Bathroom 
Sliding Glass door to patio

Save Your Space
Our retreats begin at the end of the Salmon River road outside of Riggins, Idaho.  
The closest airports to Riggins are Boise, Idaho and Lewiston, Idaho. 
We reccommend lodging in Riggins the night before your retreat and can even book you a room.
The morning of your retreat you will drive to Vinegar Creek boat ramp 28 miles upriver and park your car.  
A jet boat will then take you 25 miles upriver through Class III and IV rapids to the Ram House. 
This is a true wilderness experience.  Prepare to unplug.  
Welcome to Yoga Inbody.
The hardest places to get to       bring the biggest reward.
Wild places still exist on our planet. 
Visit Idaho. 
"Thank you Elizabeth for making the space for us to truly center. Your open heart, exuberance and joy for life is inspiring, and your spirit and calm is inviting.  Yoga Inbody at the Ram House Lodge is a unique gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.  Namaste" 
                                                         - Megan Milam & Sophie the Dog

What our guests are saying...

"Beautiful home, beautiful people, beautiful bodywork!  

  Thanks so much beautiful lady!"
                                                        - Rick & Patti Davis

"Yoga Inbody is an amazing experience.  A great way to enjoy the Ram House and get away from it all.  Elizabeth you are an amazing friend, host & teacher." 
                                                         - Bennett Grimes 

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