Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering if this is really for you, please  don't hesitate to ask more questions.  
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  1. What do you mean "Cell Phone Free Retreats"
    Each retreat begins with an opening ceremony which includes placing your cell phone in the device free basket. This basket will be hidden during the retreat so you can detach from your phone and open to a higher level of yourself. You will get your phone back at the closing ceremony. Seriously when was the last time you were disconnected from your phone for more that an hour?
  2. Can I use my phone for photos?
    Unfortunately no. We understand that it might be the best camera you have but this experience will be so profound that your friends and family will notice the shift in you even if you don't have high quality photos to show. Yoga Inbody has a camera on hand and will share photos of the event after the retreat. Of course you are welcome to bring your own camera as well.
  3. What kind of food can I expect?
    Yoga Inbody cooks with fresh organic ingredients. Our creative vegetarian meals will help you feel light, nourished and fulfilled. We strive to use the 6 Ayurvedic tastes and offer Salmon River Salmon when in season. We start the day with a light fruit bar, enjoy a full breakfast after yoga class and celebrate the middle of the day with a large lunch. Dinner is lighter but we always have dessert. What kind of vacation doesn't include chocolate?!
  4. How do I get to the Ram House Lodge? Where is Vinegar Creek?
    Vinegar Creek boat ramp is located 28 miles (1 hr 20 min) up the Salmon River Road. The turnoff for this road is just South of Riggins. You will cross a bridge, pass the Rodeo grounds and continue upriver until the roads ends. You will meet your Salmon River Tours jet boat driver here. Park you car at Vinegar Creek, lock it and bring your keys with you. It is an hour jet boat ride from Vinegar Creek to the Ram House Lodge.
  5. Are there bathrooms and hot water at the Ram House Lodge?
    Yes, this is a luxury wilderness experience. We are off the grid but have 4 bathrooms in the lodge, hot water and all the amenities you need. Since we are running off solar energy, we ask you NOT to use any high energy appliances such as a hair dryer. The lodge is a special space and you will be comfortable than expected during this wilderness experience.
  6. Do you recommend any insurance?
    If you do not already have Life Flight insurance, we suggest you purchase it today. You can protect your whole family for 1 year for only $65.00. Call 1-208-362-3800. We also encourage you to consider trip insurance, especially if you are booking an international trip. World Nomads is great option although there are many choices available.
  7. Can my family reach me in case of emergency?
    The Ram House Lodge is unplugged so they will not be able to contact you during your retreat. In case of emergency family members can contact our front country representative Brenda Baugh, owner of Salmon River Tours and the Ram House Lodge. She will aid your family in arranging an evacuation if necessary. She can be reached at 208-628-3733.
  8. Can I pay with a Credit Card?
    Credit Card payments are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. Yoga Inbody prefers checks for outstanding balances. Checks can be mailed to Yoga Inbody PO Box 1171 Riggins, ID 83549. Please request a link for credit card payments.
  9. What is the backup policy for unsafe river conditions?
    Since the Salmon River is free-flowing, there is no control over her water flow. In case of unsafe river conditions, the retreat would be moved to a beautiful vacation rental in McCall, Idaho.
  10. Is there a minimum number of students for a retreat at the Ram House Lodge? What is the maximum?
    Retreats are required to have a minimum of 5 students to be held at the Ram House Lodge. If necessary, the retreat would be moved to a beautiful backup location in the area. Yoga Inbody retreats are exclusive and intimate so they max at 8 students.
  11. What are the room choices? Will I have my own room?
    The Ram House Lodge is a luxury lodge in the wilderness with 4 rooms and 5 bathrooms. Rooms are on a first booked, first served basis. Rooms are shared, although you will have your own bed. You may inquire about the fees of upgrading to a private room if available.
  12. What am I going to take home?
    This is impossible to know until you go. Sometime we have to listen to our heart and go! What we can share with you is feedback from Grace, a physical therapist who practices yoga on occasion but needed an active vacation. A week after she returned home she called to exclaim, "I reconnected to my pelvic floor on the retreat! I have been mountain biking harder than ever and managing my breath under stress. After having two kids, I really needed to reconnect to this part of my body. Thank You!"
  13. What if something comes up and I can't go on the retreat?
    We want you to experience this but understand that life happens. Retreat deposits are non-refundable but never expire so you could use your deposit on a retreat in the future. We believe everything happens for a reason and your retreat will align at the perfect timing for you.
  14. What is a Typical Gratuity for Retreat Hosts?
    Gratitude is the Highest Form of Gratuity. If you wish to compensate our hosts for their amazing culinary skills and selfless service, a typical gratuity is $15 - $25/person/day.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to message us.  We strive to respond to emails within 24 hours.  
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